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What is Weed Control

Weed control is the application of specially formulated herbicides that target specific weeds that may be plaguing your lawn while not harming the turf.

Why is it Beneficial

No one is going to argue that weeds are unsightly but that isn't the only reason get them out of your lawn. Different weeds pose different problems for the health and appearance of your lawn. As the health of your turf grass improves it will help to prevent new weeds from germinating which means less herbicide will need to be applied. Because of how many weeds we have here in North Texas most lawns require multiple herbicides mix at specific ratios in order to eliminate them all. Weeds like Dallis grass and nut sedge require specific herbicides that are designed solely for them.

When to have it done

Herbicide is generally applied at the same time as fertilizer  as it helps to minimize any stress caused by the herbicides.  Some applications can be done during dormancy provided temperatures are warm enough. 

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