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What is Tree and Shrub

Tree and shrub treatments come in a few different forms.  The two most common we offer are the Deep root treatment and a Drench.  These treatments are specialized to eliminate pests and improve the health of the most expensive part of your lawn. 

Why its Beneficial

As we mentioned above, Trees and shrubs are the most expensive things in our lawns and during the summer months they are our only salvation from the heat. Because of this you need to take extra care of them.  Once they become affected by drought, pests, diseases or anything else, they must be taken care of immediately. Our treatments are customizable to your needs but most often we do a combination  of fertilizer, pest control and a vitamin pack for general health. These treatments aren't only helpful after your trees are affected. Having this done once a year can drastically improve the health and growth of your trees.  

When to have it done

Tree and Shrub applications can be done twice a year. Once in the spring as the trees are starting to bloom and again in the fall before the trees leave their leaves. Having the treatment done in the spring helps to promote the best possible growth and health throughout the year. Doing it in the fall insures that yours trees have all the nutrients it needs to thrive over the colder winter months and come back as strong as possible in the spring. 

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