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If you want to know the quality of work we offer just take a look at what our customers have to say. Oh and pictures help too.

"My husband and I tried for months on our own to uproot all the ugly crabgrass in our front yard. It was exhausting and we barely made any progress. (We also had tons of random holes in our yard!)

So we found Brant's Lawn Care and call them up. From the beginning, they understood what we wanted and created a plan for each issue. Over the course of several months, we had weed killer sprayed, lawn aerated, reseeded, and laid sod on some areas. I loved that the work done on our lawn was very specific to our lawn's needs, rather than an out of the box lawn care routine. Their prices are exceptional for the service provided. Every time something was done on our lawn, we knew because we had a little yard sign, and a note on the door. It was so helpful to get a note on EXACTLY what we need to do to grow and maintain our new beautiful lawn.

Now we are SO proud of it! It looks like soft green carpet! haha. It is so much different than last year's lawn. The grass is so easy to maintain without different random grasses and weeds too. Our home clearly stands out (as a good thing) in our neighborhood."

"Thanks goodness I found them! My flower beds were overrun with weeds, and I couldn't stay on top of them. Bryan spent a long time in the yard spraying very strategically. He worked around all of my plants, and the weeds have quickly succumbed to the weed killer. I couldn't be happier! Although I wasn't looking for fertilizer treatments on the lawn, the service came with that as well. And I really have to say that the yard looks amazing. The price was right too! The treatment has saved me hours of work. Don't hesitate to hire them. You won't regret it!!"

"Brants Lawn Care did a fabulous job with us. They responded to messages from me promptly, explained their service, were professional, friendly and kind. Their price was below all the competitors yet the service was the same. They scheduled my job quickly and delivered what was agreed to at the great, low price. I finally got to enjoy sitting outside without coating myself in bug spray and didn't get a single mosquito bite. It was wonderful! I highly recommend Brant's Lawn Care."

"I have little over half an acre by the lake, and it gets really wild, really fast. Brant's responded almost immediately to my inquiry for pest control, and have since kept in touch every month to see if I need an additional treatment. When I asked them to kill some weeds on the property, Bryan not only personally came out on his way to a family trip, but did a complimentary second spray the following month on areas that were being stubborn. Great people, great prices, great service. I highly recommend!"

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