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Our Lawn Services In Allen, TX And Surrounding Areas

Read here for a quick overview of our lawn care services in Allen, Texas and beyond.

Lawn Care Solutions For Your Allen, Texas Property

Our family-owned lawn care business is here to help people care for their lawns throughout the year. We want to help North Texas property owners ensure their grass is always green, bright, and healthy. At Brant's Lawn Care, we know that each lawn we care for is unique. We offer tailored lawn care services to ensure we exceed your expectations. Use this guide to learn more about lawn care in Allen and the surrounding areas

Weed And Fertilization

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Weeds are "pests" of the plant world and grow where they are not wanted. Weeds thrive by being difficult to control. These plants are hearty, grow quickly, and produce many seeds. 

To maintain a healthy lawn, you need to get rid of the weeds currently growing in your yard and prevent them from returning in the future. Having weeds growing in your yard is problematic for many reasons, including:

  • They are unsightly and ruin your grass's appearance.

  • They prevent grass from being able to absorb necessary nutrients. 

  • Weeds provide a resting spot for many unwanted insects. 

  • Many people are allergic to weeds; they can cause skin allergies and other allergy symptoms.

Our weed control solutions eliminate weeds from your yard and prevent new weeds from growing. We also offer an overseeding service to help further assist with weed control. To learn more about weed control in the Allen area, please call today. 

Pest Control

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Pests aren't just a problem in our Texas homes. Pests can affect our outdoor spaces, causing unsightly damage and making it uncomfortable for you and your family to spend time outdoors. Ants, grubs, and other lawn pests can damage grass, create unsightly brown or bare patches, attract destructive wildlife that feed on lawn pests, and some, like fire ants, bite or sting. 

When it comes to lawn pests, the unfortunate truth is that healthy lawns are most attractive to these critters. Green, nutrient-rich grass allows lawn pests to thrive and continue their lifecycles, creating larger, more challenging populations to control. 

Regular lawn care services combined with pest control are the best one-two-punch against lawn pests. Here at Brant's Lawn Care, we offer effective solutions to control lawn pests and protect your lawn from damage and your family from potential dangers. Call today for more information about maintaining a healthy lawn through pest control. 


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There are many steps you can take to help your lawn become strong and stay healthy. Well-aerated soil provides the space for grass to "breathe," absorb nutrients, and offers favorable growth conditions. Soil that is dense causes nutrient imbalances and inhibits plant growth and development.

Aeration is the process of removing small plugs of soil from grassy areas. Dense soil is less likely to absorb oxygen. The extra space allows new healthy grass to grow and the soil to more efficiently provide the nutrients your lawn needs to be healthy.

Aeration is an essential part of lawn care. To learn more about lawn aeration and the other quality lawn care services we provide, reach out to us today. We are here to make grass greener on your side of the fence!


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We are committed to helping our customers maintain a healthy lawn. A service we offer to help keep lawns in Allen, Texas, looking their best is overseeding. Overseeding is when grass seed is added to existing grass. 

Benefits of overseeding include improving your lawn's color, filling in bare patches of lawn, increasing lawn density, and helping your lawn to stand up against harsh weather and damage from insects and disease. Additionally, overseeding to increase lawn density is critical to controlling weeds. Our overseeding, aeration, and fertilization services will help you successfully maintain your Allen lawn. 

Contact us today to learn more about our overseeding and lawn care services. Overseeding is an effective method to keep lawns healthy and strong throughout the year. Let us help you make your grass greener and brighter for you and your family!


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Preventing weeds from returning to your lawn can be difficult and time-consuming. Applying a pre-emergent is one of the best ways to prevent weeds from taking over your yard. Once pre-emergent is applied, it is quickly absorbed into the soil and then absorbed by the growing weed, preventing germination and growth. A pre-emergent is usually most effective when applied in the late winter or early spring before weeds start to grow.

Benefits of using pre-emergents include:

  • They effectively halt weed growth. Low weed growth makes it easy to deal with the few weeds that do manage to grow in your yard.

  • They ensure unsightly weeds don't overtake your yard. A pre-emergent will reduce the need for more intense or time-consuming weed control methods.

  • Pre-emergents are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. 

At Brant's Lawn Care, we successfully prevent weeds using pre-emergents. Learn more about weed control in Allen by calling us today and speaking with one of our friendly experts. 

Tree, Shrub, And Ornamental Services

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At Brant's Lawn Care, we don't just take care of grass. We help homeowners keep their yard's trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants healthy. Trees, shrubs, and other ornamental plants add beauty, functionality, and curb appeal to your yard. While these plants are beneficial, they can be demanding and tricky to take care of. 

We offer two services to help maintain trees, shrubs, and ornamental plants. The first is deep root fertilization. This treatment uses a high-quality nutrient solution injected into the tree's root zone. The treatment is completed under pressure and helps with both aeration and fertilization. Deep root fertilization delivers fertilizer to the root system of trees, aerating the soil and helping to increase the amount of oxygen that reaches the root system. 

The second is our tree and shrub drenching service. This service directly applies liquid treatment to leaves, stems, trunks, and bases. This process provides a targeted application of insecticides, fertilizers, and other treatments. It is super effective because the liquid is quickly absorbed directly into the trees and plants. For more information about deep root fertilization, tree and shrub drenching, or any other lawn and tree care service we provide, call now!

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