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September is here which means the kids are back in school and we finally start to get a little break from the heat. While the temperatures are still in the 90's during the day we are starting to get cool mornings and enjoyable evenings. The time to spend our mornings stuck in school zones and evenings sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows is just around the corner. 

What you can expect to see

  • Increased bug activity during the day

  • Faster recovery time of your grass after mowing


  • Grass begins to grow faster between mowings


  • Increased number of weeds


  • Development of the fungus known as Brown Spot 

How your care should change

  • Stop watering in the evening 

  • A fall pre-emergent should be applied to help prevent winter weeds

  • Fall Aerations can be done to help thicken your lawn

  • Care for your tree and shrubs should begin (through November) to prepare for Winter 

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