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When March finally roles around most of us have finally grown tired of being trapped indoors. If we are having a more normal year in regards to the weather then your grass should be coming out of dormancy. If that's the case then this is possibly the most important time of the year for your lawn.

What to look for    (provided it didn't happen in Feb)

  • Your grass should be starting to turn green

  • Sprouts starting to show up on the trees 

  • Increased insect activity throughout your lawn


                    (If it did happen in Feb)​

  • Your grass should be almost completely green

  • Most of the leaves should be back on the trees

  • Your grass should be starting to grow and spread


How Your Care Should Change

  • Weekly watering should resume. Each zone for 5 minutes 3 times through totaling 15 minutes per zone

  • A heavy application of nutrient rich Fertilizer and Pre emergent and post emergent herbicide should be applied

  • The first of two yearly Tree and Shrub treatments should be applied to start them off on the right foot

  • Overseeding and aeration should be considered to aid in thickness of turf

  • Possible pest control needed

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