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April is the time of year that we start heading back outdoors to enjoy our yards. The Blue Bonnets are blooming, the grass is back in full swing and the trees are looking great. The wet weather is perfect for bringing out the best in your turf, trees and ornamentals. 

What to look for

  • Your lawn should be growing like crazy and very green

  • Trees should be completely covered in leaves

  • Flowers should be blooming

  • The weeds should be back in full swing

  • Plenty of pests including the start of the fire ants

How your treatment should change

  • Another treatment of nutrient rich fertilizer mixed with a broad spectrum herbicide to control weeds

  • Last month to consider aeration and overseeding until fall

  • Consider one time yearly fire ant treatment

  • Consider regular monthly pest treatments to control (see services page)

  • Continue watering once a week unless we receive healthy rain

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