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What is Aeration

Aeration is the process of  removing plugs  of soil from your lawn that are roughly 4 to 6 inches deep and the size of a roll of nickels. 

Why is it beneficial 

Here is North Texas the soil is less than ideal.  In most cases the soil is nutrient deficient and extremely compacted. Or if you are fortunate enough to have  healthy  St Augustine then you almost certainly have a thick thatch layer.  Aeration helps improve all of these issues. By removing the plugs of soil it allows water, oxygen and nutrients reach the roots of your  turf. This promotes healthier, thicker growth and loosens a lot of the compaction in the soil.  

How often should it be done

When deciding how to have an aeration done you first need to ask yourself what your goals are and how badly your lawn needs it. If your goal is the have a lawn that would make most golf courses envious then you will most likely want this to be done twice a year. If your lawn is already in decent shape and you are simply looking to improve it  a bit then once a year or even once every other year is enough. 

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